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Why We Live By Our Mission, Vision and Values (MVV)

Culture. Google defines it as “the attitudes and behavior characteristic of a particular social group.” To introduce new technology that inspires and enhances the lives of our customers. To set the standard for delivering the best wireless experience. Accountability. Community. Integrity. Loyalty. Trust. This collection of sentences and words kick off every meeting, huddle and event at The Wireless Experience. This collection of sentences and words are our companies mission, vision and values (MVV). This collection of sentences and words set the precedent for our culture. We understand that in order to keep our MVV alive, we must talk about it. We want to ensure it is never forgotten. When a team member steps to the plate to help a customer, we want to ensure they hear the MVV with every solution. More importantly, it is our hope that this MVV can inspire teammates to want to be better through purpose and shared vision. That by joining our family, through our culture, not only did they help deliver extraordinary experiences for our customers while offering the best products and services to our customers, they enhance their own lives. Our desire is for customers to leave happier and more connected than when they came in. We have the same feeling for our team members. Culture over everything. It begins with the simple collection of sentences and words that kick off every meeting. The reminder to LIVE them. Every day. With every customer. Every time. Blog By: Joe Lepordo, Chief Operating Officer • Business Support Center