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Why We Have Leaders, Not Managers

Earlier this year at The Wireless Experience, a decision was made to change the titles of our Store and District Managers. Store Managers are now referred to as Store Team Leaders, and District Managers as District Team Leaders. Recently during a company meet-up, it was asked “why?” Why did we make the change? As with all individuals and organizations, change and evolution are necessary in order to stay relevant and be successful. As we evolve at The Wireless Experience our focus is to empower individuals to be the best they can be. We envision a reality where our managers, now leaders, are empowered to make a stronger difference in the lives of our customers and our employees. Every day, leaders in any organization finds themselves “managing” something. Whether it be their daily to do’s, their checklist of tactical items that must be done, or their list of tasks that have been put off for days, weeks, etc. Managing something will always be a part of life. However, at The Wireless Experience, we want those who supervise others to lead them, not manage them. Leading another is to provide a purpose and meaning, while managing is to ensure execution and completion. Both are important, but as we evolve, we strive to differentiate our Store and District Team Leaders from others in retail by equipping them with the skills to inspire, engage, and provide purpose to our workforce; not only at work, but in life. Managers “tell and do” a good amount of the time, while leaders “define and develop” those with the importance and meaning behind the why. Managers sometimes push people to get something completed. Leaders find themselves in the middle of the team, showing, helping, supporting, picking up those that need help, motivating those that need challenge, and supporting everyone along the way. The change in title from Manager to Leader was just the foundation in our desire to evolve. This change was step one; a reminder for all leaders at TWE to lead in a way that inspires and enhances the lives of our employees. It is also a strong reminder for the organization to continue to equip those that tend to manage, with the tools to realize the importance, the benefits, and the rewards of leading. Blog By: Matt Mott, Chief Resource Officer • Business Support Center