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What Do You Do With Your Old Devices?

Everyone is always excited for the launch of the newest devices. What will be different or better than the previous version? Are there new features only available on this model? Then you get it, your new phone. It’s shiny and new and immediately your old phone is forgotten about. Then, a few weeks or months later, you open your drawer and there it is, the old device just sitting and collecting dust. This then prompts the age-old question: what do you do with your old phone? What if instead of sitting in a drawer wasting away, your device could actually put money in your pocket? There’s a huge market for refurbished devices. These options are perfect for those who want to upgrade their current device, but don’t want to pay retail prices or maybe don’t care as much about having the hottest or newest device. WirelessMall.com is the premier site for purchasing these refurbished devices, and they have just launched a new buyback program. This program allows customers to sell them their old devices and receive payment based on the quality of the device. So, how do you sell your old device? Visit WirelessMall.com, click on Sell A Device, and follow the steps from there. You will get an immediate quote, ship your device for free and then you’ll be paid for your device. Why let your old phones pile up when instead they could be making you money? For more information on the program, visit WirelessMall.com today or reach out to sales@wirelessmall.com with any questions! Blog by: Jen Quinn, Director of Marketing • Business Support Center