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The New Samsung Galaxy S23 Series is Out of This World!

Samsung has released three new phones in the Galaxy Series – the S23, S23 Plus and the S23 Ultra. These devices will offer users a range of features including a sleek design, powerful processors, and advanced camera technology. With these devices, Samsung is aiming to provide customers with a high-end experience that can keep up with their ever-evolving lifestyle. The S23 series promises to be an exciting addition to the Galaxy lineup and is sure to be popular amongst both Samsung fans, and first-time Samsung owners.

We know that a new line of products can be daunting! There is a whole new set of specs to look up and compare so that you can make the best decision regarding your new phone. Before the devices are available in stores on Friday, let this blog will be your guide through the basics, and inform you of the major differences, not only between each phone, but from the previous Galaxy Series.


Samsung has once again pushed the boundaries of display technology with its latest series, the S23. This series of devices offers a significant upgrade from the previous S22 models. The S23 devices come in three sizes – 6.1 inches (S23), 6.6 inches (S23 Plus) and 6.8 inches (S23 Ultra) – which are all the same sizes as their predecessors but with upgraded features and improved performance that make them stand out from the crowd. Each phone in this series has a 120 Hz refresh rate (with the Ultra being to scale down to 1Hz) and received a boost of brightness! All phones in the S23 series have 1750 nits of peak brightness.


If you are looking for a phone that offers the best gaming experience, then any phone in the S23 Series will work for you. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset from Qualcomm is Samsung’s fastest processor ever and ensures that using apps on your phone runs smoother than ever.

If RAM is your main focus, then the S23 Ultra would be you best choice as it is the only model of the three that offers an option or either 8GB or 12GB. The base S23 and S23 Plus only offer 8 GB of RAM. As for storage, the base S23 comes with the option of 128 GB or 256 GB. 256 GB is the standard amount for the Plus (which maxes out at 512 GB) and the Ultra (which can be upgraded to 1 TB if you get the 12GB of RAM).


While the S23 Ultra has the same 5,000 mAh power pack that it’s Series 22 predecessor has, the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset allows for a longer charge by roughly 2.5 hours. The base Galaxy S23 an S23 Plus both got a 200 mAh boost to their power packs, giving them a total of 3,900 mAh and 4,700 mAh, respectively.


While the previous categories are important to the function of your new phone, it’s time to discuss the most fun feature: the camera! If you are looking to take the best pictures possible with your new Samsung phone, then the Galaxy S23 Ultra is the right choice for you. The S23’s main camera has almost doubled its number of Megapixels to 200MP (The S22 Ultra only has 108!). The S23 Ultra’s rear camera also includes a 12MP Ultra-Wide Camera, and 2 10MP Telephoto Cameras with 3x and 10x Optical Zoom. The Ultra has advanced camera sensors and its fastest processor to date to take better low-light photos and videos. This device also includes Expert RAW, allowing you to snap photos with even greater detail.

The Ultra’s front-facing selfie camera has 12MP, which is a downgrade from the S22 Ultra’s 40MP. However, Samsung has improved the quality elsewhere by including enhancements that leverage AI technology to bring out the best in your selfies.

This same selfie camera is in the Base S23 and S23 Plus, which is an increase from the 10MP camera in the S22 Series. As for the back camera, both have a 50MP main camera accompanied by a 12 MP Ultra Wide camera and a 10 MP 3x Optical Zoom Telephoto camera. These two devices also have Expert RAW and updated low-light shooting capabilities. These cameras are now placed vertically and individually to match the aesthetic of their Ultra counterpart.

Additional Features:

According to Samsung, all three of these phones were “designed with the planet in mind.” They are crafted in part with recycled glass and film and are packaged in boxes made from recycled materials. Even the colors of the phone are made with natural dyes. More high-powered tech with less guilt is always a bonus feature!

As done in the past, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is the only phone in this lineup that comes with the S-Pen, Samsung’s built in stylus. The S Pen can not only draw smoothly, but it can also convert handwriting to text as well as act as a remote camera shutter, making it a desirable alternative to the camera timer.

We hope this rundown has made you more confident in your decision making. If you are still uncertain about which phone you will choose this Friday, there is no need to worry. The teams at your local AT&T Wireless Experience store are well-versed and excited to help you choose your new device. We are looking forward to assisting you soon!