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5 Phone Accessories Every College Student Needs

Summer is quickly coming to an end which means the new school year is just around the corner and it’s time to start getting ready to head back to campus! While you’re making a list of items to bring with you, don’t forget to include these must-have phone accessories to get you through the semester. Portable Phone Charger As any busy college student knows, long days and time spent on-the-go is not uncommon (especially during finals week!). Walking to and from classes is a great time to catch up with friends on the phone, listen to music or even scroll through Instagram, but there’s nothing worse than when your phone dies halfway through the news feed. Portable chargers can help to eliminate this issue and give you the extra battery life you so desperately need! One of our favorites is the Griffin Power Bank. The compact 2600 mAh battery is the perfect capacity for charging your smartphone and can easily fit in your purse or pocket! Tempered Glass Screen Protector The struggle can be real when it comes to trying to juggle your textbooks, bags and phone all at the same time. So, when something slips and falls (oops, it’s my phone!) you want to make sure it’s properly protected! That’s why we recommend Gadget Guard Black Ice Plus Insured Tempered Glass Screen Protectors. Not only are they incredibly strong, scratch resistant and smudge proof, but if your device screen breaks while your Black Ice+ guard is protecting it, they’ll send you a check to use toward replacing your device’s screen! PopSockets Need we say more? PopSockets are undoubtedly awesome and can be used in multiple ways like a media stand, texting grip, cord wrap, photo grip and more! They also make a great accessory for self-expression, especially with all the fun designs they offer. Wireless Chargers Impress your roomie with the Ventev Wireless Chargepad Duo! This next-gen charger features twice the power and is compatible with all Qi wireless charging devices and even offers fast charging for both Apple 7.5W and Samsung 10W phones. It’s designed to be easily transported and as part of Ventev’s dedication to environment sustainability, all of their packaging is recyclable! Urbanista Wireless Headphones You’re not going to want to hit the gym without Urbanista Berlin Wireless In-Ear Headphones! Their soft silicone earbuds and silicone wing GoFit earbud-replacements give the Berlin a snug and secure fit, perfect for that midday workout session. They also make a great on-the-go companion for listening to your favorite tunes or podcasts on the walk to and from classes! The Difference is Clear The Wireless Experience – an AT&T Authorized Retailer – is proud to offer premium mobile phone accessories to meet all of your needs. Stop by any of our 80 locations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts or Maryland today!