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Get Ready to Flip for Samsung’s Newest Smartphones!

There’s a brand-new Galaxy to explore – actually, there are two! Thanks to Samsung, the Galaxy Z Fold4 and the Galaxy Z Flip4 are now available for purchase. These are Samsung’s latest offerings in their line of foldable smartphones. Samsung first entered the foldable phone scene in 2019 with the original Galaxy Fold and are continuing to make updates to these unique phones based on customer feedback. Here is what you can expect from the newest Samsung devices:

Meet the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4:

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 has been created with productivity as the priority. While folded, this phone looks like a typical smartphone with a 6.2-inch cover screen and a 10-megapixel front camera. The Main Screen (the full unfolded screen) is 7.6 inches with 120 Hz display. The Z Fold 4 is lighter, thinner, and shorter than its predecessors, and has the fastest processor (4NM) in the Fold series. This allows you to carry a more powerful phone with more room in your pockets.

The updates to the Main Screen are what makes the Z Fold 4 a work device. When the screen is folded part way, Flex Mode is activated. This turns the bottom half of the screen into a track pad that allows you to control the content on the top half. Not only that, but with Multiview, multiple apps can be used at once. You can even use App Pair to link certain apps you use together so that you can open them all at the same time. Talk about a time saver!

There has been an upgrade in overall durability. The Z Fold 4 comes with Corning Gorilla Class Victus + on the Cover Screen and back cover to resist scratches. Armor Aluminum reinforces the phone and its hinge so that the fold stays protected, and the Main Screen is made with Ultra Thin Glass to help stand up to daily wear and tear. There is no need to worry about water either as the Z Fold 4 is shielded with IPX8 Water Resistance.

The most exciting updates, however, are in the camera. Besides the 10 MP front camera, the unfolded Main Screen has a 4 MP under display camera, which means that the black dot of the lens will not show up on the screen while you are working, streaming, or gaming. The rear camera has a triple lens system with the 12 MP ultrawide main camera, a 50 MP wide angle lens, and a 10 MP 3x optical zoom telephoto lens. This camera also comes with Space Zoom and “Nightography” which enhances photos and videos taken at night and in low light.

Meet the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4:

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is the smaller cousin of the Z Fold 4. Whereas the Fold looks like a smartphone when it’s closed, the Z Flip 4 looks and folds like a flip phone. When closed, this phone has a 1.9-inch customizable cover screen which is can be tapped and swiped to send simple text responses and make phone calls. It has the same 4NM processor that will provide power to the 6.7 inch unfolded main screen.

The Z Flip 4 was given the same durability upgrades as the Z Fold 4: the Corning Gorilla Class Victus +, Armor Aluminum, IPX8 Water Resistance, and the Ultra Thin Glass. It also received an upgrade in the form of a 3700 mAh capacity battery replacing the old 3300 mAh battery.

Where the Z Fold 4 places and emphasis on productivity, the Z Flip 4 is aimed at those who use their phone for fun. Not only does the Z Flip 4 have Flex Mode, but it also has Flex Cam, which allows the user to take hands free photos and videos with the 10 MP Selfie Camera, all while experimenting the with angles that the folded screen can provide. The rear camera, a two-lens system consisting of a 12 MP main camera and a 12 MP wide lens, can also be used for easy selfies. With Quick Shot, you can take a selfie with the rear camera while checking out a preview on the Cover Screen. This rear camera also comes with Nightography so those low light selfies will still be clear and vibrant.

Whether you are looking for the newest selfie experience, a more productive work device, or simply need an upgraded phone to call home, stop in your local AT&T Wireless Experience location and ask one of our Team Members if either of the newest foldable phones from Samsung are right for you!