Creating A Company Culture To Be Proud Of

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The Wireless Experience began in a garage in 1997 with one employee. Over the past 21 years, TWE has grown into over 80 retail AT&T locations throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, […]

Why DirecTV is AMAZING

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I’m sitting on my couch.  I’m freezing.  Mainly because I’m cheap, the seasons are turning, and I’m playing my favorite game of ‘Don’t Turn the Heat on Yet.’  Tucked tightly […]

Why We Live By Our Mission, Vision and Values (MVV)

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Culture.  Google defines it as “the attitudes and behavior characteristic of a particular social group.” To introduce new technology that inspires and enhances the lives of our customers. To set […]

Why We Have Leaders, Not Managers

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Earlier this year at The Wireless Experience, a decision was made to change the titles of our Store and District Managers.  Store Managers are now referred to as Store Team […]

What Do You Do With Your Old Devices?

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Everyone is always excited for the launch of the newest devices. What will be different or better than the previous version? Are there new features only available on this model? […]