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7 Ways to Protect Your Phone This Summer

Summer is officially here, which means a lot more time spent at the beach, pool and water parks! But as much as we enjoy fun in the sun, there’s nothing worse than a mobile device being damaged by sand, water or even heat. Luckily, we’ve rounded up a few tricks to help protect your phone all summer long! Protect your Screen All it takes is one drop on the hard concrete at the pool or water park for your screen to shatter, leaving you with a broken phone and an expensive repair. Prevent any damage before it happens with a Gadget Guard Black Ice Plus Insured Tempered Glass Screen Protector. Not only is it incredibly strong, it’s also scratch resistant and repels unsightly smudges. Better yet, if your device screen does happen to break while the Gadget Guard Black Ice+ Screen Protector is on it, they’ll send you a check to use towards replacing your device’s screen! Put a Case on It You can never go wrong with added protection, so investing in a sturdy phone case is always a good idea. We love Speck Presidio Grip cases because they are slim, but provide superior 10-foot drop protection and the raised rubber no-slip grip feature is perfect for those wet hands after a dip in the ocean or pool! Sand Control Laying in the sand at the beach is nice, but not when it gets stuck in phone cases, under screen protectors or in the headphone and charging ports, etc. Easily remove sand with tape in places you can’t get with your fingers– works like a charm! Find Some Shade While you may enjoy sunbathing, your phone certainly will not! Placing your mobile phone in direct sunlight will cause it to overheat, which can cause damage to the phone’s battery and internal circuits. It’s best to keep it in a cool, dry place like in your tote bag or under an umbrella. If it does get overheated, turn it off immediately and place in front of a fan to cool it down. Use Non-Greasy Sunscreen Sunscreen is a summertime essential, but when stocking up this season get a non-greasy sunscreen. This will prevent any unwanted smudges and fingerprints from sticking to your screen and won’t make your phone slippery when you go to pick it up. Don’t Leave Your Phone in the Car Many beach-goers think that leaving their mobile device in the car will help to keep it safe and cool, but this isn’t always the case. Your phone can quickly overheat in the car, causing unwanted damage that will be costly to fix. Charge it Up There’s nothing worse than reaching for your phone to capture that special summer memory than realizing the battery is dead. Try a battery-saving phone case or portable charger to keep your phone charged all day. A great option is the Ventev Powerdash r900 Portable charger – it also doubles as a car charger! The Difference is Clear The Wireless Experience – an AT&T Authorized Retailer – is proud to offer premium mobile phone accessories to meet all of your needs. Stop by any of our 80 locations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts or Maryland today!